In Memoriam

Dr. Gorana Aralica - December 3, 2020

22.02.1972 - 03.12.2020

Our societies have unfortunately lost one of the most active members from Croatia shortly before Christmas. It hurts to announce the news of the departure of a gifted diagnostician, a devoted physician, a dedicated colleague and a good friend.

I have got to know Gorana during her sabbatical in the hematopathology research group in Basel almost a decade ago as a smart and friendly person spreading positive energy and enthusiasm. She was distinguished by her commitment to diagnostic excellence; cases send for a second opinion from her side always took hours to be resolved in spite of her excellent initial work-up since representing the highest diagnostic end. She supported the EAHP and the EBMWG for over a decade by submitting exceptional workshop cases that have often been chosen for oral presentations, which we all enjoyed learning particular lessons. In 2016 she organized a dedicated hematopathology seminar in Zagreb and the invited speakers, to whom I was allowed to belong, were overwhelmed by her hospitality and qualities as a human.

She worked until the end at the Medical School of the University of Zagreb, Department of Pathology, leaving behind more than 30 important scientific contributions, a functioning diagnostic unit that was built with her help, and a lasting, formative memory in us as a colleague, person and friend. Moreover, she leaves behind an intact loving family on the sports swimming achievements of whose members she always told so proudly. We will sadly miss her here forever, but I am sure that she will be with us from somewhere up there, cheering us on at every up-coming meeting.

Gorana, thank you for allowing us to walk a small part of your life-path a while with you, we will always remember you!

On behalf of the societies
Alexandar Tzankov